Culture Conversations

Culture Conversations

Culture Conversations involve face to face structured meetings between a staff member and their manager covering Values, Behaviours and Standards. This involves a review not just on what the staff member produced but how they produced including their interaction with the various stakeholders. This has the benefit of managing the culture.

1872° Culture Conversations

  • Staff Culture Conversations

    This product facilitates metrics based structured reviews of an employee’s performance against the company’s Values, Behaviours and Standards. It also allows the employee and their manager to agree a personal development plan for the employee to address areas that would benefit from extra input and to allow the employee to develop and achieve their potential. It provides a structured methodology to allow the manager to address any areas that need improvement. It is also an ideal opportunity to thank the employee for their input and to note any areas of excellent performance.

    Staff Culture Conversations
  • Board Member Culture Conversations

    Tone from the top is an essential part of any culture management initiative. The board can set the Values, Behaviours and Standards appropriate to the culture they expect for the credit union. These become the performance measurement competencies by which the board members are individually rated by the Chairperson, thereby ensuring that everyone is clear on what is expected.

    Board Member Culture Conversations
  • Measure coach measure

    This is a well-recognised mantra in personal coaching. Armed with the results from the anonymous Temperature Check Surveys in combination with the insights gleaned from structured face-to-face staff Culture Conversations, your managers can now coach their team members to be the very best that they can be. Once coaching needs are agreed they can then be delivered. Quality is an ongoing journey and not just a destination. Measure-Coach-Measure.

    Measure coach measure

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