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  • Effective as of 04/09/2023

    Type of Cookies

    1. The site uses cookies to make the user’s browsing experience easier and more intuitive: cookies are small text strings used to store some information that may concern the user, his/her preferences or the internet access device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and are mainly used to adapt the functioning of the site to the user’s expectations, offering a more personalized browsing experience and memorizing the previously made choices.
    2. A cookie consists of a reduced set of data transferred to the user’s browser by a web server and can only be read by the server that made the transfer. It is not an executable code and does not transmit viruses.
    3. Cookies do not record any personal information and any identifiable data will not be stored. If desired, it is possible to prevent the saving of some or all cookies. However, in this case the use of the site and the services offered could be compromised. To proceed without changing the cookie options, simply continue browsing.

    Types of Cookies we use

    Technical cookies

    1. There are numerous technologies used to store information on the user’s computer, which are then collected from other sites. Among these, the best known and most used is HTML. They are used for navigation and to facilitate user’s access and use of the site. They are necessary for the transmission of communications on the electronic network or to the supplier to provide the service requested by the customer.
    2. The settings to manage or disable cookies may vary depending on the internet browser used. In any case, the user can manage or request the general deactivation or cancellation of cookies, by changing the settings of his/her internet browser. This deactivation can slow down or prevent access to some parts of the site.
    3. The use of technical cookies allows the safe and efficient use of the site.
    4. The cookies that are entered in the browser and retransmitted through Google Analytics or through the statistics service of bloggers or similar are technical only if used for optimizing the site directly by the owner of the site, who will be able to collect information in an aggregate way on the  number of users and how they visit the site. Under these conditions, the same rules apply to Cookies Analytics, in terms of information and consent, provided for technical cookies.
    5. From the point of view of duration, there are temporary session cookies which are automatically deleted at the end of the browsing session and are used to identify the user and therefore avoid logging in to each page visited and the permanent ones that remain active on the PC until expiry or cancellation by the user.
    6. Session cookies may be installed in order to allow access and permanence in the reserved area of ​​the portal as an authenticated user.
    7. They are not stored permanently but exclusively for the duration of navigation until the browser is closed and disappear once the browser is closed. Their use is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers consisting of random numbers generated by the server necessary to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site.

    Third party cookies

    1. In relation to the origin we distinguish the cookies sent to the browser directly from the site you are visiting and those of third parties sent to the computer by other sites and not from the one the user is visiting.
    2. Permanent cookies are often third-party cookies.
    3. Most third-party cookies are made up of tracking cookies used to identify online behaviours, understand interests and therefore customize advertising proposals for the users.
    4. Analytical third-party cookies may be installed. They are sent from the domains of the aforementioned third parties external to the site.
    5. Third-party analytical cookies are used to detect information on user behaviors on The detection takes place anonymously in order to monitor performance and improve the usability of the site. Third-party profiling cookies are used to create user profiles on in order to propose advertising messages in line with the choices made by the users themselves.
    6. The use of these cookies is governed by the rules set up by the third parties themselves. Therefore, users are invited to read the privacy information and indications to manage or disable the cookies published on the related web pages.

    Profiling cookies

    1. Profiling cookies are those that create profiles for the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user in surfing the net.
    2. When these types of Cookies are used, the user must give explicit consent.
    3. Article 22 of EU Regulation 2016/679 and article 122 of the Data Protection Code will apply.

    Manage cookie preferences

    Cookie Settings

    You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking the above button. This will let you revisit the cookie consent banner and change your preferences or withdraw your consent right away.

    In addition to this, different browsers provide different methods to block and delete cookies used by websites. You can change the settings of your browser to block/delete the cookies. However, deleting cookies from the browser may remove the preferences that the user has set for the site. Listed below are the links to the support documents on how to manage and delete cookies from the major web browsers.

    If you are using any other web browser, please visit your browser’s official support documents.

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