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1872 Culture Factor

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1872 Culture

  • Values24
  • Behaviours24
  • Culture24

1872 Staff Temperature

  • Culture24
  • Leadership24
  • Compliance24

1872 Member Temperature

  • Sentiment24
  • Staff Interaction24
  • Product Culture24

1872 Culture Factor

  • Values24
  • Behaviours24
  • Culture24

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We believe fundamentally that everybody can improve and reach their potential.

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We believe fundamentally that everybody can improve and reach their potential.

1872 Culture

Boards often talk about 'setting the tone at the top' ... but it's only by measuring the 'tone at the bottom' that a company can truly begin to understand their corporate culture. The board are responsible to ensure that their desired core values flow-up and flow-down through the organisation ... employee and customer surveys in combination with robust values and behaviour-based performance conversations are the bedrock that creates a 'no surprise' culture. There will always be a crisis or an unexpected event ... but properly rooted values-based principals allow a company to respond rather than react!

1872 Culture is a tool for longitudinal surveying of anonymous staff opinion on the Leadership, Compliance and Organizational Culture in regulated firms, that is cross-correlated with the views of the customer under the headings of Brand Sentiment, Staff Interaction and Product Experience.

This data is further cross-correlated with the outputs from cloud-based performance management organizational-wide discussions on agreed company Values, Behaviors and Personal KPI's. The overall performance scores are displayed as Fahrenheit temperature - an ideal culture/temperature considered to be an ambient temperature of 72°F or less.

  • We have been using 1872culture for over two years and it has become central part of how we manage culture and performance.
    HR Director
  • I have had my face to face meetings with my staff… it’s a great process, a great structure and I love it already.
    Sales Director
    Software - West of Ireland

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